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Reduce energy consumption through efficient transformers for steel industry Steel industries have unique production methodology; this is the reason steel manufacturers are always looking for customized transformer solutions. There are two popular production processes usually followed by steel industries these are :
  • Electric arc furnace
  • Oxygen arc furnace.
Usually steel casting process consumes maximum amount of energy that results into huge billing amount at the end. Transformers play integral role for steel industry. Efficient transformers assure top electricity management and budget friendly production for steel manufacturers. Moreover, there will be certain amount of reduction in electricity bill amount. When standard transformers are operated under full load, they enable up to 95 percent efficiency. When transformers are not running at their full capacity, their efficiency starts dropping gradually.

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Reason behind efficiency reduction : The important reason for reduced efficiency is flaws in transformers core. The amount of losses remains same throughout operating cycle when transformers are running at 100 percent load. Here energy is consumed in high percentage. The main issue with steel industry is that they always demand massive amount of energy. How is it possible to reduce energy consumption? It is possible to reduce energy consumption through efficient transformers available at leading manufacturers like Synergy Transformers. Harnessing wind or solar energy to meet future industry demands is an excellent idea in long run. Efficient transformers will help steel industries in avoiding unwanted fluctuations at most affordable prices. The efficient transformers are able to work under extreme conditions like heavy loads and temperature. They also assure highly safe and reliable operations during run time. Most of the steel industries are under heavy pressure to give cost effective operations and efficient transformers are ideal ways for achieving this. Synergy transformers assure customized operations based on industry requirements. They offer maintenance and after sales services for long lasting operations. Efficient transformers are available at industry leading prices with Synergy Transformers.